Record Review: Carminho “Fado” | Soul Music from Lisbon’s Alfama

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Carminho  Fado  EMI

Soul music is found not ONLY in Memphis, Motown, Muscle Shoals. Soul music, perhaps with a slight twist, comes other cultures also. No, it may not be funky, it may not have fatback drums, but there is plenty of other … Read More

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PAY ATTENTION To That Man Behind the Curtain!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Jim Anderson

Woody Allen, though a professed jazz hound and player of sorts, is primarily known for his film making. And as any cineaste can tell you, one of the aspects of his craft Woody pays closest attention to, in addition to … Read More

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Back In Bahia With Gilberto Gil…Way More Than Tropicalia

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Gilberto Gil in performance

More than Milton Nascimento, more than Gal Costa, more than Caetano Veloso, more than any other Brazilian artist of 35 years ago, Gilberto Gil had the power to lure me into the intoxicating vortex of Brazilian rhythms, textures and words … Read More

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You Say Conga, I Say Patato

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Carlos Patato Valdes

In Who Wants to Be a Millionaire–The Latin Jazz Version, one question might stump even the most ardent follower of the music. Ready? For a cool million dollars: Cuban conguero Carlos “Patato” Valdés is famed for which of the following? … Read More

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Analog According to Rega’s Roy Gandy

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Rega's Roy Gandy

Patricia Barber made me write the original draft of this article. It was supposed to be about something else, but she grabbed me, shook me, made me feel all warm inside, and the die was cast. I was listening to … Read More

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