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Casting the Audio Shopping Net on the ’Net

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Music Direct's Home Page

I get several emails each month from readers seeking help with selecting just the right gear, some assembling a full system, and others simply wanting to replace an old component or two. (Please feel free to send in your questions … Read More

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CES 2011: Serving Up Some Mighty Tasty and Saucy Gear

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas During CES 2011

Bologna, in northern central Italy, is the hometown of baloney. It is also the home of ragù, not the overly sweet jarred stuff we choked down as kids or as quick-meal-gulpin’ singles, but the long-simmered, ultra-rich meat sauce served every … Read More

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Twelve Inches of Pure Pleasure!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Nottingham Ace Space 294 Turntable

The other night I was listening to records, yes, the black vinyl ones, on my marvelous audio system. It was late, midnight, at least, and I was groovin’ to Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring…several versions of that monumental work, in fact. … Read More

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The Making Of A Jazz Audiophile

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Guitartist Anthony Wilson

“It can be a dangerous thing to have a good system,” says bass legend Ron Carter of his own recent home audio experiences. Hmmmm. We’ve tried in our ramblings on this site to show that having a great stereo rig … Read More

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Earing is believing….in all things musical.

Posted on by Mike Quinn
The ear is the most important audio component we can possess.

A few years ago, after a few relaxing few days at the beach, I developed an inner-ear infection which resulted in a temporary, but frightening, very severe hearing loss in my left ear. Weeks went by with no self-induced improvement, … Read More

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