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Build Your Digital House…With Bricks!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Wavelength Audio's Brick

Regular readers of this site know that, when it comes to digital reproduction of music, my attitude is a bit icy. With good reason, since, especially with sloppy CD mastering, and particularly today’s current trend toward ultra-compressed MP3s, the sound … Read More

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DeVore Fidelity’s Mid-Sized Monkey: Dressed to The Nines!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Walnut Version of The Nines from DeVore Fidelity

Remember those old TV ads for Remington electric razors, the ones where the guy proclaimed he liked the razor so much, he bought the company? Well, I heard some speakers a few years ago I liked so much that I … Read More

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Swingin’ Through the Audio Jungle with DeVore’s Gibbon Super 8s

Posted on by Mike Quinn

John DeVore ( first came onto my radar three years back at the annual Consumer Electronics show where he was then demonstrating his Gibbon 8 loudspeaker. The following year saw the birth of his current giant, or giant killer, the … Read More

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System Synergy Rocks!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Shindo Montille Amplifier

Bird and Diz. Metheney and Mehldau. Bix and Tram. Miles and his million partners. What do these teams connote? Well, at least on the stand, they connote synergy. A magical musical melding that always produces more energy, more excitement than … Read More

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Legendary Bassist Ron Carter on His High Performance Audio Experience

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Ron Carter at home enjoying his Tetra 606 loudspeakers

In line with this month’s topic regarding the updating of aging speakers, it might be valuable to discover how one jazz icon feels about the subject, and how making the move himself has enhanced his enjoyment of listening. A couple … Read More

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