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A Bloody Good Omen

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Zu Omen Loudspeaker in Sangria Maple

Let’s just cut right to the fucking chase (this is what you want anyway): The Zu Omen ($1499/pair; is an amazing speaker. It reveals the essence and emotion of music in a way too few speakers can. For its … Read More

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Musical Ecstasy: Size Doesn’t Matter

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Closeup of the Fi "X" single-ended amplfier

In bed, late one night, the woman began to react passionately. She sighed. Moved by an ardent sensuality, she whispered, “This is so good. So much more intense and immediate, more sensitive. Even better than when we were in the … Read More

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Clueless…

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Sjöfn Hifi's The Clue Loudspeaker

Some years ago I reviewed a pair of diminutive speakers—The Gurus—imported into this country from Sweden. For a number of reasons, the rising value of the Euro and the rising cost of shipping among them, the U.S. importer of these … Read More

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Analog According to Rega’s Roy Gandy

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Rega's Roy Gandy

Patricia Barber made me write the original draft of this article. It was supposed to be about something else, but she grabbed me, shook me, made me feel all warm inside, and the die was cast. I was listening to … Read More

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Teresonic’s Magic: No Backseat Drivers!

Posted on by Mike Quinn
Teresonic Magus and Ingenium Silver Loudspeakers

We’re always on the lookout for real-world speaker solutions to mate with low-powered tube amps. Precious few speakers can do more than sputter with the flea powered amps which have achieved cult status in the past 15 years—try putting a … Read More

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