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System Synergy Rocks!

Posted on by Mike Quinn

Bird and Diz. Metheney and Mehldau. Bix and Tram. Miles and his million partners. What do these teams connote? Well, at least on the stand, they connote synergy. A magical musical melding that always produces more energy, more excitement than … Read More

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Legendary Bassist Ron Carter on His High Performance Audio Experience

Posted on by Mike Quinn

In line with this month’s topic regarding the updating of aging speakers, it might be valuable to discover how one jazz icon feels about the subject, and how making the move himself has enhanced his enjoyment of listening. A couple … Read More

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Get New Speakers! Your Old Ones Probably Suck!

Posted on by Mike Quinn

I have a friend, a true connoisseur of great jazz, who owns a pair of 35-year-old speakers which no amount of teasing, deriding or ridicule can convince him to chuck out the window. He recently had them reconditioned, and I’m … Read More

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