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The Making Of A Jazz Audiophile

Posted on by Mike Quinn

“It can be a dangerous thing to have a good system,” says bass legend Ron Carter of his own recent home audio experiences. Hmmmm. We’ve tried in our ramblings on this site to show that having a great stereo rig … Read More

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Keith Jarrett On High Performance Audio and Its Influence on His Recorded Output

Posted on by Mike Quinn

I got a call today from a musician friend who, upon my recommendation, recently purchased a new stereo amplifier. Previously he had been incredulous when I spoke about the differences high performance audio equipment can make when listening to jazz. “Mike, damn … Read More

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Legendary Bassist Ron Carter on His High Performance Audio Experience

Posted on by Mike Quinn

In line with this month’s topic regarding the updating of aging speakers, it might be valuable to discover how one jazz icon feels about the subject, and how making the move himself has enhanced his enjoyment of listening. A couple … Read More

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